Market Performance Analysis

An interactive diagnostic visualization to analyze the market performance of Medicare Advantage insurers over time.

Medicare Competitive Assessment

An interactive multi-level dashboard to compare and analyze Medicare plans’ competitive attributes alongside their performances.

Brand Performance analysis

A powerful dashboard to visualize the market performance of various CPG brands with an ability to drill down from a geography to a sub-brand level.

Campaign Analysis

A retrospective dashboard to analyze the effectiveness of Direct & Digital Marketing Campaigns with an ability to slice and dice across customer segments, creatives, touches, etc.

Pricing Simulator

A retrospective / prospective dashboard that lets the user simulate and optimize the price-demand-revenue scenarios.

Media Spend Simulator

A ’what-if’ simulator that lets the user simulate the media marketing spend/ metrics and study the outcomes in terms of Sales Volumes and Revenue.

Performance Reporting

The report provides a 360 view of the holistic, performance KPIs for the organization.

Sales and stock analysis

The report shows a bird’s eye view of product performance across multiple locations.